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Key Client Benefits

At OPC Asset Solutions, we have been providing innovative financial solutions based on unique and specific asset requirements on a “pay as you use” model. Be it depleting capital budgets, cost overruns or changing depreciation laws, we provide prompt, incisive and flexible answers to all your problems.

We cater to renting of a wide array of asset classes including but not limited to IT Equipment, Telecom, Network Devices, Automated Teller Machines, Kiosks, Hand-held Devices, Air conditioners etc. for clients across diverse industry verticals. The Asset Domain Expertise and ability to sweat assets through the ALCM program leads to greater asset utilization and management.

The advantages of leasing from OPC

Lower cost of financing

We make purchase and building leviathan inventories of rapidly depreciating assets completely redundant by offering what you need at a fraction of the price.

Conservation of cash and capital

As uncertainties become the norm of the day in business, you need ready cash to meet difficult situations and capitalize on sudden swells. This is why we provide you with the option of renting your assets/ infrastructure, which needs merely a fraction of the cash flow compared to a purchase, leaving you with more cash at your disposal. Rather than sinking funds into rapidly-depreciating equipment, Leasing provides you with a cash flow-friendly way of obtaining the latest equipment without tying up your capital, so you can use your funds elsewhere to greater advantage.

No administrative hassles for upgradation / disposal

Now, you don’t have to keep inventories of outdated assets. Our Asset Lifecycle Management and customized, innovative and flexible rental solutions help you to continue using your current technology more effectively or easily exchange it for newer and superior technology.

Vendor Neutral

When it comes to procuring the equipment as per your requirements, we remain completely vendor neutral. This enables you to choose from a wide variety of options and also helps you to negotiate the best terms and commercials from vendors. However, we have Channel Partnerships with many vendors and could provide our expertise in the asset procurement process based on your requirements.

Unhampered Fixed Asset Reconciliation

No more worries of inventory/asset management, cost of ownership, rapid obsolescence and skyrocketing technology upgrade costs. Our rental plans will keep you lean, give you the technological and financial edge to keep you ahead and help save time to concentrate on your core business.

Avoid the risk of obsolescence, and save money

All equipment eventually becomes obsolete, or superseded by new technologies. When you own the equipment, you’re forced to take this risk yourself, but when you lease, you transfer the risk of obsolescence to us. We specialize in extracting the most value possible from old assets, so we’re able to invest a residual value in the equipment. This means it can cost you less to rent your equipment from OPC.

Save time and gain efficiency

Our end to end IT leasing solutions are designed to eliminate confusion and reduce administration. We provide a dedicated client manager to ensure fast, efficient service and personalised communication.
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