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Is your existing inventory of equipment depreciating?
Are your benefits being outweighed by risks and costs of ownership?

Then the DUAL ADVANTAGE plan is what you need!

Cash in by selling your depreciating existing assets to us at a negotiated value which will be on par with or exceed the remaining book value or current market value and rent the same from us at an extremely cost effective price including maintenance. Now this allows you to effectively plan for your asset replacement cycles and roll out new technology when planned rather then keeping equipment past its optimal use-by date.

This doubly benefiting plan is for companies who have an existing inventory of equipment which is depreciating, critically for organizations whose benefits are being outweighed by risks and costs of ownership.

Key Benefits
  • Procure instant cash benefits
  • Remove the company assets from the balance sheet
  • Invest your money on appreciating assets and not have it tied up with depreciating equipment
  • Consolidate all your assets into a single rental schedule
  • Implements a structured plan of equipment renewal
  • Gain greater financial control through planned periodic payment program
  • Transfer the risks and ownership and the pain of disposal to OPC
  • Zero ownership cost. Zero ownership risk
  • Flexibility of Capital. Better investment options
  • Asset Lifecycle management allows you to continue using outdated equipment in your less critical processes and get the latest for your most critical processes
  • Effective procurement, usage and disposal of technology
  • Totally reduced asset inventory and inventory costs
  • Cash raise offered when you sell your equipment
  • Seamless transfer of ownership. Continue your business unhindered during both sell and rent phases
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