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We don't restrict ourselves with the requirements of a particular industry. Our expertise extends into any vertical. Our solutions have made an unconventional capital growth to the following business sectors.

  • IT
Over the past few decades IT has enabled unparalleled improvements in productivity and business efficiency. In short: IT drives business. We at OPC have covered and continue to service the end to end of the IT industry.
Retailers and Offices are major users of furniture and fixtures. They are also users of technology; so keeping pace with modernisation of technology and look of the office is a critical part of the business plan. We at OPC understand the retail industry/corporate need of the hour and changing requirements.
  • BFSI
As the economy ebbs and flows the circulation of wealth has increased so is the tendency to invest in branch networks - this has brought the banking and insurance industry into rapid growth. We meet the needs and requirements of the dynamic, ever-evolving BFSI industry.
Communications are the life-blood of any business, regardless of industry/sector, and telecommunications is a core business tool in today’s fast moving world. In world of technology, it makes perfect sense to fund your communications solution via a rental agreement. This ensures that your business grows by utilizing the in-built technology 'refresh' option.
This sector is the major contributor to the development of the infrastructure industry, as businesses are always looking to expand. The tools of the trade in this sector range from heavy machinery like diggers, lorries, forklifts and cranes to the more high-tech end of supporting equipment. Our strategies cater the construction industry’s specific needs.
The transport and logistics market is the backbone of all sectors. They will have a requirement to either transport products to customers, or will have to consider logistics when moving staff to various locations. Our solutions for the transport sector, conserves cash flow and provides better budget control.

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